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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!



Well, I’ve done it! I entered, along with 10,000 other writers, the ABNA 2014.
The first stage of judging was conducted by Amazon editors who read a 300 word “pitch” about your book. Pow! I passed to the –
second stage of judging, which was a reading of the first 3,000 to 5,000 word excerpt of your book by vine reviewers – people who shop and review commodities and books regularly and have proven to be helpful to other shoppers. Zap! I passed on to the –
third stage of judging. This part is conducted by editors hired by Publisher Weekly. That judge reads the entire manuscript and produces a short review of what they read. Here’s the sticking place (to quote Lady MacBeth). Fear and trembling commence.
I’ve found, though, that it’s not the destination but the journey.
On the threads (read: discussion boards), are other entrants who graciously share their insights and experiences. I’m convinced that the information they posted contributed to my pitch being able to pass muster in the first round.
How have I fared in the third round? I’ll let you know on or about June 13. I’ll post the PW reader’s review here on my blog.
Are any of you out there entered in the ABNA? Are any of you thinking of entering? Post a reply, I’m curious.